Funny Or Die

This super funny indie comedy is a drunk look at life after college

Due to COVID-19, South By Southwest, along with many other festivals across the world, was not able to hold its in-person festival this year, and while some of its shorts and features opted for temporary virtual homes, many of these gems are still yet-to-be-released to wider distribution.


Prancer is 13 lbs of concentrated rage and anxiety. You should adopt him

Over the course of the pandemic many people have adopted or begun fostering pets, both because lots of folks found themselves with way more time on their hands in lockdown and because everybody has been clinging to literally any form of socialization and anything that provides the slightest bit of…

Stretching? In OUR good Christian neighborhoods?! Nuh-uh, buddy!

The LIFE Images Collection via G

It’s always good to see elected officials and civilians coming together to push for positive change, and focusing on issues that really matter.

Earlier this week Alabama Rep. Jeremy Gray put forth Bill AL HB246, the purpose of this bill being to overturn a ban on yoga in public schools…

Funny Or Die

Will Ferrell is our boss. We love to make you laugh.

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