This super funny indie comedy is a drunk look at life after college

UPDATE: Drunk Bus now officially has a distribution partner (FilmRise), a release date (May 21st), and this awesome trailer:

You’re a good boy but enough is enough

Original photo by Sloane Hughes

Dear Remy,

Give your email that extra oomph it needs

Getty Images

“I could be Pennywise’s twin sister, Quartersmart”

What the hell, you guys

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Prancer is 13 lbs of concentrated rage and anxiety. You should adopt him

Season 4 of ‘No Activity’ will be the show’s first fully animated season

Season four of No Activity, the first fully animated season, is now streaming on Paramount+

RIP Yahoo! Answers

Stretching? In OUR good Christian neighborhoods?! Nuh-uh, buddy!

The LIFE Images Collection via G

This is not one of those times!

Put it back…. put it BACK

Suez Canal Authority via AFP/Get

Funny Or Die

Will Ferrell is our boss. We love to make you laugh.

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